Copy of Our story

For several years, I have collaborated with tailors from around the world to design and create my own clothes. I value the artistry involved in this process and the positive impact it has on local communities by providing employment opportunities. During the pandemic, while in Bali, I had the privilege of meeting local friends who were facing difficult times. This experience further reinforced my decision to abandon fast fashion long ago and instead establish my own brand, which would create more job opportunities in the community. Sustainability Scandinavian design and ethically produced in small quantities in Bali, Indonesia. As sustainable as possible and it is priority to achieve our goals! We shipp our sets in 100% biodegradable bags (made of cassava leaves). We do not mass produce and we will always prioritise ethical practices. Our goal is to minimize waste, which is why we create limited collections in small runs. We sell each item until it is completely sold out, no items will go to waste. We create timeless designs that will last for a long time. We are also proud to say that we are a female run factory providing ethical salaries and terms. We can't wait for you to fall in love with your new set. <3